Unable to run custom void loop{} code in firmware v0.92, unable to connect via serial in dev version

I've run into a curious problem. I need to run some on/off pin switching code that is much more precisely timed than can be performed by Gcode (M42 commands spaced with G4 commands). So I just added some simple pin switching and delay code to the void loop{} block in Repetier.ino. Of course, like this it theoretically runs constantly in the background, but I can mitigate this problem by interrupting the circuit with a relay I can easily connect to a digital pin and control via M42 command.

I also need to be able to control my RUMBA board by serial (TX/RX) connection. I've learned I can do this by simply implementing Bluetooth with the serial port of my choosing, then connect the pins to a separate USB-to-TTY serial converter that I plug into my computer.

The serial connection works just as expected when using firmware version v0.92, however it does not work in the dev version. Is anyone else having trouble using Bluetooth or an external USB-to-TTY converter when using the dev firmware version? So, I'm currently limited to v0.92 if I want to use a serial connection. Unfortunately, the custom code I added in the void loop{} block is not executed continuously when I use firmware v0.92, but only when I use the dev version.

I'm not looking for any specific help, really, just letting the developers know about these issues. I'm also curious to know as to why code added in void loop{} wouldn't be continuously executed in v0.92 but would in the dev version.

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