HAL I2C Routines

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just a question regarding the I2C Routines in HAL  :

I s there a reason why Arduinos Wire Routines are not used?

and would it make sense from your side to Change Hal to the wire routines?

Spent a lot of time a year ago to fix the routines  for DUE and  they work well on MCP23017 and PCA 8574.

at the Moment I try to get PCA9685 running but for unknown reason i can´t read back from it.

Component itself is OK as it´s working with Wire library.


  • Good question. This makes it easier to stop using arduino. Maybe also a speed issue, not that I think it would be a issue on due. Or wire just did not exists when we started the due port. I can't say as initaial due port is not  from me.

    Is wire address number the same? On AVR they differ by factor 2.
  • adressing is ok , so i know that from work with the mcp23017.

    still fighting with datasheet of pca9685, seems to need Special initialisation.

    so as i just want to add some external pwm´s i think i´ll Switch over to TLC5947 and Software spi as it´s faster and i

    have some spare Pins to handle that.

    Might be interesting for spindle control and laserdriver if it works.so in that case there is no Need for timers ;-)

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