Big problem

I have a Geeetech Rostock mini G2/G2s and seems it was working just fine and during the start up for another print, I noticed that on the bed the print layer out the filllement partly nice, none  only smear  and stringy, till it got to the 4th layer and started to do fine. So after that print, I turned the system off because I hat to leave. When I got home I was going to do another spring and started up every thing, loaded the project, the other half of the first one, and hit print. Now the careage started to move, only to have the Y axes move up. Hit stop, checked the settings and couldn't find any thing. shut down and re loaded Repetier-Host again and loaded a small simple project, and hit print again, same thing, only Y would go up, snd I stoped it. Now i'm thing its a firmware issue and I have no idea what firmware is with the Repetier-Host, and if there is how do I find it and if not how do I go and find the firmware to down load for my printer. I'm new at this and beating my head trying to figure this out. HELP


  • If you say move up I guess you mean z axis. Bed is x-y axis.

    To see used firmware send M115
    Use M119 to see if endstops trigger preventing xy move.
    Maybe you need to home axis to make xy move. I assume homing works and moves x and y direction?
  • only the y axis moves and x and x stay put. I found the Firmware and downloaded it and reading up on how and what to do, I still have the same problem Y axis. I have dumped the Repetier-Hosa and reloaded it and Put in all the info from the starter manual I printed out from Geeetech page and it still does the same thing again. every thing moves freely if I move the head by hand up and down, so nothing is hanging up.  This is a learning curve for me.

  • maybe motors not connected/driver defect/wrong motor socket selected/driver inserted wrong way around? If motor does nothing even not block it is wrong configured or connected.
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