Repetier Firmware to Gen6 Deluxe


I am new at 3D Printing and I need some help.
I have got a used Mendel-Parts Orca v0.4 with Gen 6 Electronics.
The firmware is currently Marlin 1.0.
The Printer works in principle, but I want to upgrade the firmware to install Auto Bed Lev.

Please help, how to do it.
I have prepared the firmware with the firmware tool. I have installed the Arduino IDE. But I can not transfer the firmware to the printer.

Thanks in advance.



  • Compilationa nd transfer works identical to Marlin. Main problem might be memory since full version can exceed 128kb so you need to be carefull which features you choose to stay below. Hope delux has 128kb as my old defect gen6 had only 64kb and that is nearly impossible to fit on.
  • hi, thanks for the post. this seems to be also a problem. is it possible to reduce the firmware to the core or only add auto bed lev? robert
  • Sure, but you also need eeprom for autoleveling to store results. But disabling display support reduces memory a lot.
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