Print button disabled when printing to Server with multiple printers.

Problem: The issue presents itself when Repetier Host is connected to Reptier-server configured with multiple printers.  If a print job is running on one printer and you are connected to the second printer. The print button will not be enabled.  You must disconnect and reconnect to enable the print function.  This issue does not occur if no job is running.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Setup

    1. Setup Repetier Server. 

    2. Configure two or more printers on the Repetier-server and also in Repetier-Host

    3. Start a print on printer 2

  • Printer 1
    1. Connect to printer 1 in Repetier host
    2. Slice an object with any slicer - When slicing is complete , print button is grayed out.
    3. Disconnect \ Reconnect - print button is enabled
  • Printer 2
    1. Disconnect and select printer 2 in Repetier host (Repetier will auto-connect)
    2. Print function is enabled.
    3. Disconnect\reconnect - Print button is grayed out.


  • Good timing as I was testing that issue today anyway.

    Could reproduce and fix it for next release.
  • edited January 2017

    Good to know thank you. I would love to know what it was. 

    I was guessing that the printer 2 button was supposed to be greyed out (since it is printing something) but targeted printer 1 incorrectly.

    Multiple printers sound like a bit of a challenge :)

  • You can always print with server as new prints are just copied into waiting print queue.

    Problem was it had printing flag set and while connecting it had a missing condition to not disable when connection is to server. So it used normal condition and there printing means disabled.
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