Z homing on full step?

I've always stuck to the rule that you should use multiples of full steps when choosing layer heights so that the Z axis is not microstepping on each layer. E.g., if you have an 8 mm lead screw and 1.8 deg. Z motors, then you should use multiples of 0.04 mm for your layer heights.
This is also recommended by the Prusa calculator: http://www.prusaprinters.org/calculator/#optimallayer

But this would only be useful if you started from a full step, i.e., the Z axis homes on a full step.
So my question is, does the Repetier firmware home Z on a full step after hitting the endstop switch? Or is it home as soon as the endstop switch triggers and it won't necessarily be on a full step?


  • It stops when endstop triggers. If you want full steps set driver to full stepping, everything else is just random. We do not count steps since enable so this is not really possible.
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