Connect via ssl to Repetier Server

I hope I didn't miss a previous answer but the search didn't seem to turn one up.  I have Repetier-Server Pro 0.80.3 setup behine nginx running ssl on a non-standard port.   I can connect to it just fine via browser - even from work so I know the proxy and the router are setup ok.   I was hoping to connect with Repetier Host though (remotely) to upload sliced gcode like I do when I'm at home.   However Repetier Host gives me an error when I try. (fail to connect).   Any ideas?


  • Host always assumes non secure connection, so connectug to 443 like https would will not work.
  • Is there any plan to support ssl for the connection?   Half the reason I use host and paid for Server was integration.    I won't permit non ssl web through my firewall though.    Currently limping along using the web interface but would really love to get back to host fronting for server.    Things like E-Stop from host didn't work last I checked though and hosts locks up every 2nd or 3rd upload to server I try to do.  SSL would be another big thing.
  • I have to check if host websocket library supports secure websocket. I never thought about using host remotely to a outside server. Always thought about web interface with nginx instead since it is not possible to get https certificate for local ips. That also means even if we allow https I have to disable certificate validation or make it a default option. Have to see what is possible.
  • Just setup DDNS on noip and free ssl certs from and would love to be able to connect from repetier host to server via https, not just IP address. 
    Are you thinking about implementing this in the near future?
    Regards, C
  • That is already implemented in host. Just select your ssl port 443 of your nginx which has the ssl certificate for port forwarding and in host also select "Port requires secure transfer". That is all you need to use ssl from host.
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