hi - new to forum and 3d printing

Hi - new to 3d printing - just built a kit and I can print the 20mm cube just fine but would like to know how to load gcode in to the program and print it. 



  • I would say the same way you did with the cube. Load STL file, slice it and print.
  • You can load a gcode file from the file menu, however it will not show in the 'object placement 'window,  only in print preview
  • I did the  XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube from the thingiverse and it measured Z 19.9 X 19.7 and Y 19.8 - I used Slic3r for the slicing program. what do I have to change to make it 20x20x20?

  • Such small errors are hard to decide what error is.

    Could be steps per mm needing to be inclreased. Or your extrsion is not high enough making a bit smaller (extrusion multiplier) or your slicer has resiced xy size of objects.

    You need block of several sizes to decide what error is. If it increases with size your steps per mm is wrong and need a slight adjustment.
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