Deleting unused stuff as languages

I always get "Low memory available, stability problems may occur." warning everytime I upload repetier firmware.
Will I get more memory if I delete some unused function or unused languages before upload?



  • Make sure to leave around 1kb ram then everything is ok. Reduce number of sub segments to get free memory. Functions using memory are sd card and display. Everything else gives you only a few byte.
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    Will comments after // or inside /* */ be compiled & uploaded ?

    Btw, what is ATX?
    In ui display, turn off ATX seems do nothing.
  • Comments do not get compiled.

    ATX is a PC power unit you can turn on/off with 2 gcode commands M80/M81 I think it was. This works because they always have 5V and 12V only if a special pin is high/low.
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