Filament Width Sensor


I want add a  filament width sensor on my printer to set the flow ratio of the extrudeur like that:

A file for MARLIN was here :

But Marlin firmware is not Repetier firmware !  How transfert / translate this in Repetier firmware ? it's not clear for me

The filament sensor outputs a voltage in milimeters (3v=3mm, there are some changes in Marlin to read the filament diameter real-time and compensate the extrusion rate. Code uses a buffer to manage the transit delay between the sensor measurement and the nozzle.

Is it possible to add in Repetier?  What things to add or modify in Repetier ?  Perhaps a modif in Jam control ?

Or perhaps quit Repetier firmware for Marlin ?


  • I think you would need to use volumetric extrusion and add code to change diameter based on measurement. But it also depends on how fast it changes so you might also need to have a history and check the extrusion point. In any case you should be pretty close to nozzle input to have a improvement from this.

    So not supported natively but there are some points where you could add it. Simplest way would be 500ms event where you measure and set diameter accordingly. Since you use the diameter only for next input that means previous 15 were on old diameter and only next with new measurement, so this reduces the inprecision even a bit.
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