Renkforce RF100 printing problems with repetier


I have a Renkforce RF100 3D printer, with Cura 15.04.6 it prints perfectly but in my opinion are the configuration options in cura to basic.
A friend of mine pointed me to repetier because he has a Renkforce RF 500 and the renkforce repetier software.
I don't know witch kind of hardware the Renkforce RF100 uses, the only thing is it connects through usb and creates a virtual serial port.
Repetier printer configuration will find the RF100 as a 3D printer, when I have done the settings for printer bed size,x,y,z offset, extruder nozzle size, filament setting (1.75), it will print the object I loaded but every time it wants to print outside the printbed, I have adapted the x and y offsets but it still wont print in the center of the bed.

Maybe my explanation is a bit unclear, I appoligize for that

Ron Hogenberk


  • It will print where it shows it in preview. And that is the same as you position on screen. So I guess the real bed uses different coordinates then your preview window. On the bed in host you see a fat dot, that is coordinate origin. That should help seeing if you have configured it correctly.
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