Printing from SD card

When I print from a SD card only small files will print (a file that only take a few minutes to print). When I try to print a file that would take a few hours to print. The printer will just freeze. Is there a size limit to the files?
My printer is an XYZ Da Vinci.


  • No, there is no size limit. But printing will stop at read errors which may be the reason for the stop. You could try a different sd card or short sd cable. Make also sure you have no crosstalk on your sd cable. 
  • I was able to get the printer to work from the sd card. I saved the G-code file to the sd card using the sd card slot in the computer. The file must be getting corupted when I try to transfer directly from Repetier to the sd card when it is installed printer.
    Thanks for the help.
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