Nozzle too close to bed w z probe

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I have an inductive sensor and I think I have autolevel working OK. However I've noticed that the nozzle is too close to the bed and over squishing. My current zprobe height is set to 2 in this screenshot but it still seems to close. If I go lower to .7 I get a probing error.

So how can I fine tune the nozzle to bed distance? And what is the proper way to ensure that after changing a value in the eeprom and saving it it's used. Do I just run G29 S2 Everytime?

Screenshot of eeprom @

Thank you!


  • G29 is for average height for autoleveling.

    Values are taken directly but zheight and positions stays computed for previous value until you recalibrate, that is correct.

    Best solution for calibrating is using a metal block and hot extruder. You must know the exact height of metal block. Run G30 and you get a z height. Store real Z from M114 as well and adjust height until block just does not touch the block. It block is below nozzle and you can easily rotate it a bit you have still room left. When height is found check Z again.

    cor1 = Zfit - Zlose
    err = ZG30+cor1 - MetalBlockThinkness
    Now correct z probe height = old z probe height + err

  • Would there be any chance to get a video on this? I know you have a write up on this and a video for a delta. But the process is still confusing for non delta machines like the i3s and corexy. I'll try to find a metal block and do what you suggest. If I figure it out I'll make a video.
  • It's a bit confusing above: what is Zfit and what is Zlose?
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