Interactive retraction distance and its speed during printing

edited January 2017 in Repetier-Firmware
Dunno if is a stupid request, but one of the must important thing during printing is the amount of retraction and its speed.
it would be great to be able to calibrate the most of being able to change during printing.
The firmware should simply intercept its gcode and then modify it before sending it to the printer, for example:

G1 E-4.6000 F7200

Starting from the value "100%", after the tuning with the pot at "50%" of the original value:

G1 E-2.3000 F7200

And same thing for the retraction speed, for example "50%":

G1 E-2.3000 F3600



  • Firmware should never change gcode. It is not always so clear what the intention is.

    In your special case it is even implemented, but you will run into problems if you use that. You can configure firmware retraction and G10/G11 would then use stored retraction distances instead. So that works with gcode prepared for firmware retraction and you could change it. One more function is autoconversion to G10/G11 detecting such gcode. That works but breaks manual e moves as these are converted into retractions.
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