Problem with Resend:0 through Pronterface

Hi all!
I built a CNC machine with Repetier-Firmware on board. I have experience with 3D printers, so I chose Pronterface as my GUI host.
I get my machine up and running, but there is a problem with Pronterface or Repetier - it shows error in Pronterface console: "Resend:0" when CNC finishes work. It happens every time. In result, I can't no longer drive machine by xyz controls, manual g-code sending also doesn't works. In this situation, only solution is to disconnect, reboot Arduino and connect again. I looked into source code of Pronterface and Repetier and I think that it's possible to remove from firmware function which returns "Resend:0", but I really don't want to do it.
Is there any other way to solve that problem? Has anyone had a similar situation?


  • What is the last line? Seems like it is line number 0 but that is unlikely.

    Does repetier-host have the same problem?
  • Last line in my gcode? It looks like "N3281 M02". I'm pretty sure that line number 0 appears only once, at the beginning. 

    Surprisingly, Repetier-Host haven't the same problem. But the difference is that Repetier-Host don't show any additional informations in console (like "ok 0" in Pronterface), just plain gcode lines which are send to CNC. 

  • The host does, but has disabled showing normally useless information so you need to enable ACK/Commands to see all these lines as well. Normally you only see special responses from firmware in log (which might be hidden in easy mode as well).

    I hope your gcode does not contain the lin enumbers but only the output from host/pronterface.
  • It's unlikely that Repetier-Host will show something like that, because after sending g-code file by Repetier and finalize cutting, I can drive machine by Repetier-Host control GUI, but I will check it asap (I don't have machine in my garage right now) to be 100% sure.

    I don't know exactly what do you mean by "does not contain the line numbers but only the output from host/pronterface". If you talk about "Nx" where x is started from 0 and incremented by each line before every g-code command, so yes, I have it in my gcodes. But I also tried without it (most of the time) and result is the same. Is it what you meant?
  • Thats what I meant. Host adds N line numbers so original must not contain line numbers. That would confuse the printer and can easily cause errors.
  • Okay, I took me a long time, but I tested it out. Both options. Gcode with manually added N line numbers and without it. Repetier prints ok, Pronterface don't. After finish Repetier continues work and send "ok x" where x is incremented each time, but Pronterface is forcing to send "ok 0" even if printing is done.

    So what can I do with it? Is there any option to "repair" Pronterface or I have to modify Repetier-Firmware?
  • I don't know pronterface well enough to say what it is doing. Since it normally works the answer must be in the gcode around the error that gets send.
  • Okay, thank you for all. Do you know someone who know Pronterface on level of source code? 
    Anyway, thank you very much for whole help! 
  • No I don't know who knows Pronterface, sorry.
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