Auto leveling difference between G30 and G32

I have some issue with repetier v.0.92.9 with autoleveling. I create config with repetier firmware with support of Z-probing ( My 3D printer is Mendle90 and I have probe about 59mm to the left of nozle (Z_X_PROBE_OFFSET=-59 / Y_Z_PROBE_OFFSET=0). When I doing test ther's everything ok. In steps:
G28 X0 Y0 - homing X and Y (in my case HOME of X and Y is in X=210 and Y210 - thers are endstop's X/Y)
G1 X100 Y100 - move the nozlze near the center of the bed
G30 - the xcarrige move of offset and then probe is in the X100/Y100 and when the probe end's the carriage returns to posioon of the nozzle in X100 Y100
And that is correct
Strange situation is when I using autoleveling in start G-code.
G28 X0 Y0
G32 S3 (to the points of nozzle on the bed P1 X70 Y20; P2 X205 Y20; P3 X70 Y180)
This P1-P2 are the points of the nozzle (the probe is in points decrase of X offset X11 Y20; X146 Y20; X11 Y180) and when the probbing ends then the carriage move to directions where the probe was but repetier still show that the nozzle is in the directions of last probe. 
I did the test where all 3 Probe points have the same X/Y=100 and when the probing end the nozzle still move left of offset but repetier show directions X/Y100 - in this case the physical point of nozzle is X41Y100
Why there is a difference between procesing G30 and G32 - G30 works great with offset?


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    I am experiencing the exact same, I think.

    When I use G29 S1, i get 'perfect' probing, with the probe offsetting to the XY location of the extruder, and getting the correct levels etc.

    But when i use G32 S1, then the probe is not offset and after a run, everything is offset, so the X0 and Y0 has changed and the Z0 is above the bed.

    A thought I have is that G32 does not use the offset when measuring, but adds the offset after the run? Or maybe it is not using the EEPROM values, but using the values originally compiled (in flash).
  • Please add 
    G1 X100 Y100
    also before G32. I think it is not possible to start probe at that position causing confusion. Latest dev would therefore stop printer now.
  • Thank you. That solved my problem at least :)
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