Difference between slicing in Repitier and Slic3r

I have an stl object that slice well in Slic3r gui, but not in Repitier host gui! 
I suspect that Repitier is not tolerant (too precise) on small inaccurancies. My object (Sketchup) is made of different object groups, all fitted together to make the final object. In Repitier, the object looks fine, but slicing it, some "pieces" are missing, directly slicing with Slic3r gui there is no problem!


  • Hi,
    Will answer my own question, i installed the latest Repitier Host 1.0.4 and it works now, in 1.0.3 it doesn't!
    Is there something changed, where can i find the changelog between 1.0.3 and 1.0.4?
  • It was in the update notice. 1.0.3 has merged some points very close by that caused the trouble. 1.0.4 is now much more strict in this, so this normally should not happen any more. Points should differ more then 0,0001 mm so they get distinguished.
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