Are there any examples out there on how to program the driver to output a signal when load changes?

I wondered if this could be used so the nozzle itself act as touchprobe


  • I think you would need to modify the 

    void Endstops::update()

    function to test these. Maybe it is even enough to use the pins as endstops once the detection is set up. For programming I guess you need to implement the SPI as software SPI and switch back after programming to Enable/dir/step pin mode as spi mode is too slow. Not sure what would happen after the stall is detected. I guess that is where it gets really complicated as you would need to reset the pin and then moves might try to move again into end as endstop is not triggered any more. Plus you need to go to spi mode to disable it I would guess, but I haven't read the specs for the chip there.

    Be aware that it is not a easy task and might need to tweak several points. I'm curious how this works with that chip. Had tried it with a different chip for a different setup and there it sadly did not trigger fault at all. Wrong motor/chip/speed combination as it seems. But I think it would be great if such a system would work.
  • me would also think it would be great

    guess we just have to wait and see if anybody have tried it yer
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