Reset auto level matrix

Good evening.

I have a delta printer without probe for leveling.
I have a glass bed.
I calibrated the printer manually entered using three points under the towers and correcting the number of steps for limit switches of the towers.
Moving hotend manulamnte the distance from the plane is kept constant.
Qunado you make a print in some places rises in Z as if reading an old stored matrix.
Before proceeding to the press I did the commands:
M321 S2; Deactivate auto level permanently
M322 S3; Auto reset level matrix permanently
But the behavior does not change.

Can I delete Aquacentre Arduino Mega EPROM with an appropriate Sketch?
As ?

What other controls do I need to research the problem?

Using the firmware branch work092 Version 92.9 - Latest commit "2840e53" on April 10, 2016

Thank you


  • Lifting z at some points is not caused by autoleveling. That is the typical behaviour of delta printers not calibrated perfectly. And perfectly means perfectly at a precision you normally will not achieve. Pillars with angle error of 0.1° are enough. Horizontal radius 0.2mm wrong, bad. I haven't seen a perfect delta printer hence all teh correction options to tweak the most annoying errors. But fixing themwithout a z probe is nearly impossible - a reason why nearly all deltas have a z probe.
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