Delta-Like Homing on Cartesian

Hello everyone,

I have a Cartesian printer and I want to use a homing method similar to a delta printer. I want to have Z home be at the positive end of the Z axis, (using MAX_HARDWARE_ENDSTOP_Z true to get this done right now) then be able to touch the nozzle off of the bed and use G92 to set Z0. I want to go this route because 1) I don't want to accidentally ram the bed with the nozzle, and 2) using a software approach is much more elegant than trying to move an endstop or adjusting the bed. 

I have been able to get the homing part to work. G28 Z0 sends the extruder to the top of my Z axis. However I can't seem to set my Z0 using G92. Whenever I try this I double check with M114, Z changed to 0 in the position that I sent G92, however the Z position gets reset when I home again. 

Is there a way to make this possible? Any help/advice is appreciated.



  • I think you have a logic error here. G92 sets position where you are to the given value so doing so at top makes top Z=0 (also host/server will still show max pos as they add G92 offsets to show real position). Homing is supposed to delete G92 - that is required and also one of the intentions of homing.

    There is no need to work with G92. Home, check how much off real Z=0 is and open eeprom editor. Correct z length by the error and you are done calibrating. Now after homing you can do G1 Z0 and it will be at Z=0 as you measured (or double error when corrected wrong way).
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