My Da Vinci 1.0 will not move any axis with repetier firm.

I recently flashed my Da Vinci 1.0 3d printer with the repetier firmware and none of the axis will move and the extruder nor heated bed will turn on and when i go under "extruder" or "bed" on the printer, it says "switchoff ext" then there is a black box next to it and when i try to click on it it makes a beep and does nothing, this is the same with the bed. I have tried my best to solve this aside from editing code, so if there is anyone who can help with my predicament, it would be greatly needed and appreciated.


  • Hope you are using the davinci fork from @Luc ?

    Sounds like the main power is not on. Does that printer have a switchable power unit that needs to be enabled (power button in host) to get power for motors/extruders?
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