FSR Auto Level not working

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I've been struggling to get it to work ..Mini Kossel + Repetier 0.91 firmware + Ramps 1.4 + FSR (3) + FSR Endstop Controller.

The printer has been running for months without FSRs. The motors are not skipping, the printer is calibrated and the print surface is close to level.

I verified that the FSR's are working correctly with G31 and can measure the distance with G30.

When I run a G29 on the three points this is what I see:
12:52:49.224 : Z-probe:5.00 X:0.00 Y:60.00 or any value I set as max z probe bed dist
12:52:50.458 : Z-probe:8.12 X:-50.00 Y:-27.00
12:52:52.223 : Z-probe:8.18 X:50.00 Y:-27.00
12:52:52.755 : Z-probe average height:7.1

the average height being calculated is skewed causing the nozzle to be 5 to 15 mm above the print surface

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

See Configuration.h below



  • Please upgrade to 0.92 first. It has so many fixes that I don't search in old versions for solutions. I'm using 0.92 on my delta with autoleveling so I know it works there.
  • Does repetier only support logic level endstops? or also FSR which in nature are varying voltage?
  • Only logic level. So for FSR you need a hardware converter to switch digital pin. Analog reading is much too slow.
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