Repetier Host won't slice

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Hello All:

I have the latest Repetier Host for use with my Tronxy M802E printer. When I open an STL file, it opens fine. If I slice it, the object vanishes in the slicing window. I've tried multiple objects from different sources. If I visually look at the G-Code produced by the slicing, it appears normal. If I then save the G-Code, and try to load it into Repetier, the object is still invisible. I contacted support at Repetier, and haven't gotten a fix yet - I find it really hard to believe that people are using the same kind of printer (Tronxy M802E, Anet A8, etc), and aren't having the same problem. OS is Windows 10.1 Pro x64.



  • OS is Windows 10.1 Pro x64.
  • Check the toolbar. There is a button show filament which can hide visualization. Also gcode is only visible in preview and gcode tab. In mancual control you see only printed part.
  • I think that was it - I had to switch to advanced settings to see the show filament button.
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