Beaglebone Black?

I am looking at setting up a Beaglebone Black as a Linux host for Repetier. Has anyone heard of anyone doing this? I just wanna make sure I don't waste my money on the Beaglebone, if it's not going to work for what I want it for.


  • Never mind, I found proof of theory see Beaglebone CNC
  • You do not want the host on a beagle bone. You want this

    We even have a installer for the debian that comes nowadays preinstalled with Beaglebone Black
    Only make sure to update. Later on you will also be able to connect the host with the server directly. Currently only the webinterface works.

    Your link seems to be for a special cape which replaces the normal board in 3d printers.
  • Hah. I feel silly. Works great, thanks.
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