Auto z height configuration

I am running repetier 92.9 on my homemade Cartesian. I built in a z probe thinking I would use the autolevel system that repetier has but found the bed is dead level so no need for it. However, I do use different bed surfaces and would like to use the z probe to set the z height. The probe is built into the nozzle assy so no offset is needed and I use a z max endstop. What Goode command would I use to simply probe and report the z height and place the value in the eeprom?


  • We have a feature bed coating for different coatings. The value gets then subtracted from z length. Alternatively 
    G32 S2
    if you want to autolevel as well and
    G29 S2
    if you just want to measure height at 3 points and adjust height.

  • Thanks -  I have tried G29 S2 but am getting a z height return of NAN  
  • the problem was I had the probe points in the same spot. 
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