Repetier Working on my robot arm 3d printer



  • Maybe a test preventing moves due to some reagion tests? I mean with autolevel enabled z might change with move and could move it into a invalid region? We have several such tests - some for geometric target some inside nonlinear conversion.

    You could reset autolevel matrix and activate. Would be the same as disabled from coordinates but includes the transformation. If it then works it is more likely a coordinate test triggering.
  • Okay, i'll try reset autolevel & activate...

    What is coordinate test triggering?
    I don't understand what & where it is.
    I don't think i ever see that function.
  • There are several. In delta transformation it can return a failed computation as the math would not allow a position. YOu have
    static bool isPositionAllowed(float x,float y,float z);
    Maybe there are more but I don't remember where if that is the case.

  • I've checked allowed check function. It doesn't go that way.
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