Repetier on Ubuntu - manual controls: graphics truncated, can't see all xyz and extrude buttons

Hello all

I just loaded Repetier to drive my Prusa Maga, but the manual control button graphics look truncated. I can still work them by clicking and dragging the cursor to the position where it looks like the control will be and letting the mouse button go, but it is always a guess. It is as if the window to show the controls is too small to show the whole graphic.

Is there any way to make the window bigger?

Please help!


  • The problem is the window DPI setting. It adjust the size depending on some font size parameter etc. The thing windows does is not 100% clear and depends on several parameter so the fix is not always working correctly. More precisely it works 100% for my computers but there seem to be non working combinations. So sometimes the scaling is bigger then space and so the bottom right parts gets clipped. In windows you can enforce 100% scaling to fix it, not sure how Ubuntu could do this.
  • Thank you!

    I adjusted the font size scaling setting in the Unity Tweak Tool to 1 (from 0.8) and that fixed it!

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