Viki 2 LCD on RAMPS v1.4

I recently bought a Viki 2 display for my RAMPS powered 3D printer. I was glad to see that the Repetier-Firmware already had an option in the Display Controller drop-down for the Viki 2, but was disappointed when I found out that RAMPS didn't have a pin-out configuration already written in. So, I made my own! (In truth, I just re-wrote the Azteeg X3 pinout to match a RAMPS board). 

I wired up the Viki 2 LCD to the RAMPS board. (One pin wasn't defined, BTN, Panel Mounted Button Switch. I believe this is for the little red button on the display. I'm not sure what the RAMPS pin is [31?], or how to define the KILL_PIN in Repetier, so I just left it off.)

Once it was wired up, I downloaded the Repetier-Firmware with Viki 2 graphics controller selected as my Display Controller. Make sure you also select "Reverse encoder direction."

Next, I edited the ui.h file. Near the bottom you'll find: #if FEATURE_CONTROLLER == CONTROLLER_VIKI2, followed by several motherboard pinouts. The first motherboard is Azteeg X3. Change it to read like this: 


#define SDCARDDETECT 49 // sd card detect as shown on drawing
#define BEEPER_PIN    35
// Display A0
#define UI_DISPLAY_D5_PIN 47
// Display CS
#define UI_DISPLAY_RS_PIN 32
#define UI_ENCODER_A 45
#define UI_ENCODER_B 41
#define UI_RESET_PIN -1
#define RED_STATUS_LED 39
#define BLUE_STATUS_LED 37

Save your changes and upload the firmware. Mine works perfectly. I hope this helps anyone that wants to install a Viki 2 LCD onto there Repetier-Firmware powered RAMPS v1.4 board. 


  • Thanks for the contribution. I have put it in the sources for next update as there is now a official pinout for ramps. When I wrote it the support files did not contain it I think.

    The red button is for reset pin, but I do not see a reset pin on ramps board.
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