Arduino Due ethernet connection

Hi all,

I wonder if I could connect from host to printer directly over ethernet. I connected an ethernet shield and it works fine with other sketches using ethernet. But I could not find anything about repetier firmware and ethernet connection.

My printer runs the repetier firmware on a Arduino Due with radds.

Thanks, Johannes.


  • I guess you mean a ethernet to serial board? You could connect it to serial 1 and connect using tcp connector in host. Bot not sure it is the best idea in terms of reliability. I think using a raspberry pi running Repetier-Server at printer as ethernet shield would be the superior solution. It will cache complete gcode locally and has many other advantages.
  • No, I'm not sure what you meant with ethernet to serial board. I use this one:
  • This board is ethernet to spi as it looks like, so it does not work.
  • If I run a Repetier server at each printer, am I able to connect to all of them with another Repetier server on my PC?
  • If you mean if you see all of them in one web screen then no. If you mean if they all can use one pc for slow commands like renderings then yes if you have pro version. You can also connect all to host with the server connector also host only shows one of them it is connected to. But you can deconnect and connect to next printer any time without disturbing the print.

    If all printers are close by you can also connect several to one pi. Server can handle several printer at once if device is fast enough.
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