Lost home screen during prints after software update to 1.0.0.dev

Since the update, during prints,  the very informative home screen gets replaced by a simple progress bar. when the printer is idle, the home screen is accessible. I can switch through info screens, e.g. head position, printer stats, and print progress, but no more 4-section homescreen.  any ideas how to get it back? thanks 


  • The progress screen is meant to replace the normal info screen. During print most data on info screen is not really important. Position changes constantly except z but you have layer instead. On graphic display you can also add now a status header with temperatures for example. Th eonly other data I normally like to know during printing.
  • yes, the temperatures are what I am after. how would i add that?

    to me, the new screen is useless. it only shows a single progress bar and apart from that its completely empty. the previous 4-section screen showed me overall progress as well as all the other infos, I had all infos in a single screen, now I have to switch screens to get all that and have to go to extruder menu to see actual temps.

    I am running this on the 12864 graphics LCD on a 32bit due.

  • Put "E:%ec/%Ec° B:%eb/%Eb" into ui head.

    How do you print? Printing with repetier-server should show name of print, layer and if set in server also end time and remaining print time.
  • "E:%ec/%Ec° B:%eb/%Eb"

    where exactly in ui.h should I paste this, its not valid code?

    i just gave my printer a major overhaul. i used to print from SD card only, but now i have a raspbery pi 3. I wanted to use octoprint but I like repetier server more so I have to figure out how to get it running on the pi. right now I have repetier server running on my laptop.

    I was forced to use repetier server because I have a strange behaviour. I am not able to connect with repetier host via usb/serial port anymore. neither with the old 8bit ramps and neither with the new 32bit due setup. (and yes, I  stopped repetier server process). so now I connect via repetier server, that works fine.

  • You add this in config tool->display section to the variable names UI_HEAD or in Configuration.h directly.

    Printing from sd card should at least show filename, but I'm in dev mode at that so it is not 100% tested.

    Host problem is strange as it works the same as server regarding connection.
  • I tried to tweak the the infoscreen a little but i didn't find where the graphics on the infoscreen are defined.
    i know now how to change the displayed text but where are the graphics?
  • Graphix and special handling come from void UIDisplay::refreshPage()
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