Repiter wont alow extruder to get above 240 degrees

I have a DaVinci 1.0 with repetier on it and I just got some carbon fiber filament and want to print with it but for some reason the gcode or the eeprom, not sure which, wont let the extruder temp get above 240 degrees. Solutions on how to fix?


  • In Configuration.h of firmware you set maximum temperature. Default is 275. In host there is also a max temperature setting. Both could be your problem.

    Are you sure it won't let you and not "not able to reach temperature"?
  • Those are my eeprom settings and I cant find anything about extruder max temp. And the max temp in repetier is 280.  And it isn't that the extruder cant get any higher because if I set it to heat to 250 it automatically changes it to 240
  • It is not in eeprom. In configuration.h you have MAXTEMP which sets maximum temperature and reduces anything higher to that value.
  • How do I get to configuration.h I cant find it anywhere.
  • It's in the Repetier folder of your firmware sources.
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