Server PSU wont turn on through Repetier Host

having issues finding the answer to this, currently running a Tevo Tarantula 3D printer with MKS 1.4 board. Firmware I am using is the Repetier FW that is on the FB Tevo group. For some reason I am not able to get the PSU to turn on and off using the software or even through g-code. I loaded up the community Marlin FW and that works, but that FW causes some other issues with the printer that I dont want to deal with at the moment till I learn more about it.  I have the pins from the HP server PSU connected to D12, it powers on the MKS board just fine, just cant get it to turn on the PSU to power the printer. 

Thanks for any help on this


  • So you have set PS_ON_PIN 12 ?
    POWER_INVERTING can change between high and low depending on what you need. So if on toggles it off change it. Also make sure no other function uses that pin or latest will win.
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