Z-probe for different heights


I want to use Z-Probe function to set Z=0 for different flutes in CNC-Mode.
As start position is always different ( it depends on flute length and thickness of workpiece) i have to start Z-probing from big height
(what is quite slow  ).
Homing is done to  Z-max.
can i switch over to homing to Z-min during CNC-mode? 
I think it would simplify my work as i can manually move to a start from any z- height .


  • Not sure here. z min endstop is z=0 and thus lowest allowed position. With different flute heights this would require z min to be somewhere mid way not bottom. If you have a z min endstop at xy home position on the bed you could make that probe so your flute touches the endstop with homing. With some hacking you could also place the z min somewhere else reachable and go to that position after xy homing.
  • OK,thanks.
    Think i´ll try a hack of z-probe function to get it done with something like moveable z-probe to get workpiece height
    combined with a fixed position z-probe button and calculating tool length offsets.

    Any thoughts about that from your side?
  • Not sure what you now mean. WIth CNC I always think of a switch in the bottom and not a classic z probe. If you use that it is not important as z probe/homing height is always zero or height of the switch.
  • OK i´ll try to explain  :

    for unknown workpiece height (sheet metal for example 15mm thickness +-0.4) and lets call it" flute 0" i use mobile z-probe to find surface of workpiece and set  it to z=0.
    Some milling is done and afterwards the original Z=0 is no more available because of holes , pockets etc.

    my idea is to measure lenght of " flute 0"  with a switch in the bottom and  save that  measurement to a variable"flutelength".

    for this example measurement will be  flutelength = -15

    after changing to "flute 1" do a probe again  and set that result to the value of "flutelenght"

    (can be done with a simple g92 z"flutelength")

    hope you can understand what i mean.
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