Z probe on positive side of extruder not going to offset position

I cant seem to get the software to put my probe over the probe cordinates, my probe is to the right of my extruder, so if i tell it the offset is 25 then it puts the probe 25 to the right(+) from where it needs to be, and if i set the offset to -25 then it puts the probe 50 to the right (+) from where it needs to be and if i set it to offset of 0 it puts the probe 25 to the right (+) of where it needs to be just like the offset of 25 does?


  • Could it be that extruder 0 has offset -25?
  • would that fix the problem, i only have a singnle nozzle (mixing)? in theory yes it has a -25 offset from the probe but it seems like the nozzle would be the reference location
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    Hello, after All sorry for my bad english  or french work... :)

    I get a similar problem.

    Repetier-firmware and repetierHost

    My configuration all start from extruder 0
    Extruder 0 offset is X0,Y0
    Extruder 1 offset is X-30,Y0
    Zprobe offset is X-50,Y0.
    Y min Endstop at -10mm (software Y max at 200mm)
    X max Endstop at 217mm (software X min 0)

    If I send G28 X and Y all is ok, after send G32 S2 after I have an offset on the X axis and my printer crash if X in under 50.

  • @Basillic Seems you are using 0.92. In 1.0 dev we have new tests to prevent the crash, but you should in deed start G32 from a position where switching to z probe offset is possible. Also conside the offset when defining your probing points, or probing will fail.
  • Yes I use 0.92

    I don't have problem with G32 command. Start position is OK and all working good.

    My problem is after G32

    The head move back off the offset value, but coordinate was wrong (seems offset stay) and when try to go at coordinate X less X probe offset

    I will try dev branch.
  • I think I have the same problem 

    After probing carriage moves of offset value.
    Did you try G30 to test - in my case in G30 the carriage move nozzle of offset values before and after probing. When using G32 in start G-code it moves only once after.
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    I am experiencing the exact same, I think.

    When I use G29 S1, i get 'perfect' probing, with the probe offsetting to the XY location of the extruder, and getting the correct levels etc.

    But when i use G32 S1, then the probe is not offset and after a run, everything is offset, so the X0 and Y0 has changed(offset) and the Z0 is above the bed.

    A thought I have is that G32 does not use the offset when measuring, but adds the offset after the run? Or maybe it is not using the EEPROM values, but using the values originally compiled (in flash).
  • When i run the command 'G1 X100 Y100' before issuing the G32 - My issue is fixed.
  • Juste a feed back after a long time.

    My problem was P3 on X100 Y180 in fact the G32 command use P1-P2 and P1-P3 for coordinated and try to do out of printer.
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