My 3d Printer Heats up to correct temp then stops and cools down immediately

Hello there I have a Geeetech i3 Prusa 3D Printer and I have a big problem now My 3D Printer has been faultless up until now. My 3D Printer keeps turning The Heat off, of the Extruder after about 1 Minute after I select the Heaters to heat up in Pronterface for the Extruder and the Bed I'm using "Pronterface and Slicer". I changed the Heating Block and Nozzle on the Extruder with a New One as I suspected the original one was Faulty But apparently was Not the Answer here. But what happens is when I turn the Geeetech I3 Prusa Printer on the Fan on the Extruder and the Fan for the GT 2560 Board both turn on as normal and Will stay on indefinitely up Until I turn on the Heaters on the Extruder and the Bed About 10 seconds after they heat up to my heat settings in Pronterface both of the Fans stop and the Heat on the Extruder turns off and cools down and that's it I can't do anything from there and I have to turn power Off/On to try all over again The Screen goes Blank and it's all over The Heat on the Extruder starts to cool off But The Bed Stays hot as normal though But the Extruder cools down I don't know what to do to fix it?? I hope someone can help me please I will be forever Greatfull for any help here please Thanks Sean.


  • My 3D Printer resets itself immediately after reaching the required Heat Settings
  • What does the log say as reset reason? You should see it in the log. Firmware always writes the reset reason so you have an indication on where to search.
  • Hi did you ever get an answer to this as mine doing g the same
  • Have a look into console if you get a message from firmware or what command gets send. If firmware thinks something is not ok it might disable all heaters. Or you see that a disable command got send, or there is a idle timer that disables heaters after x seconds when you are not printing.
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