RS485 communication on different HW Serial pins?

I have a question regarding communication with PC. 
Now (over arduino) is communication over TTL/USB. We have an idea to drive the printer over RS485. But this needs some additional pins and routine. Enable signal on transmitting for example. Idea behind is to dislocate some modules. Toolchanger for example.    
On PC side is clear, because it is solved in 232/485 converter(TXenable). 
I saw, that repetier FW has already some pins defined for TX/RX and 485. Coud they be used in this case?

Thanks for the great work and Regards,


  • Does not sound like your wishes can be solved with stock firmware.

    Arduino has depending on board up to 5 serial connectors which can be used for communication. So modfying the firmware with additional gcodes that will communicate with these ports is possible. If you use our event system there is even no need to change original code, just add your 2 event files that handle additional commands/communication. 
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