Semitec 104 GT-2 wrong temperature


i updated my Wanhao i3 with an E3D V6 lite Hotend. I changed the thermistor type to no. 8 in firmware 0.929 like written in the assembly instructions and flashed it to the Melzi board. But now the Extruder Temperature is about 20 degrees to high?! What can i do, to get the right temperature again?

Thanks aulbaer


  • It which temperature do you have the error? At 25°C all should be the same. Having there an error is untypical since we have there a much better precision then at hot temperatures. For hot temperatures it may vary also because sensor position and where heat is used differ.

    The only working approach is to define your own temperature table. Select user defined table in config tool and then you can set your own table.
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