newbee trying out the firmware on a (geeetech) g2s pro, and i got some problems.

hey guys and girls. 

as said, newbee here. i own. a g2s pro now for a while. usually i'm quite handy but this printer has been tormenting me.. i started with the standard construction and calibration, during which i had some problems. 
at the end i thought i was getting there (did a calibration print (temperature calibration) and went for the little boat thingy to calibrate even further.  during which the printer went haywire.. top layers of the boat suddenly went not from vertically stacked into horizontally stacked.. so things weren't going right (marlin firmware).

wile i tried to solve this i wanted to try out the 2e print head, things went wrong again and yep. i broke a heat brake. 
at that point i was a bit fed up. had exams. so put it away.. and after the exams. i build some nice speakers and amp, which took a long long time. 

but now i started to fiddle a bit with some drones... and for this i would really like to get this printed functional.. i upgraded the hot end to two pcs of e3d v.6 clones. and got the to fit nicely. 

started to do the calibration again. had some problems with the y-axis pillar but solved it. oh yeah i also changed he linear bearings to plastic once, pretty happy about those... 

anyway. when i was nearly finished i found out about repetiers firmware (only knew about host) and saw a json file for the g2s on site.. so downloaded it. used it to mod the standard config a little due to the updated hotends and stuff and uploaded it all on the printer.. 

my first thought about it was.. is that my printer..? how sooth does it all run... amazing. 
but that is where the joy stopped. 

i have some problems. probably all to do with calibration (getting a but fedd up with calibrating, i wan to start printing) but anyway. my fault, to try to step over when nearly done. should've done it earlier. and because all is so smooth i'm not thinking about going back (or now) 

so the problems..? 
1) when i home.. it homes nicely.. but afterwards al the axis drop down afterwards. the z axis till the end switch releases. and the x and y axis drop down even further (9mm lower). the display keeps showing the height i entered (calibrated height under marlin) being 190.1, which it isn't of course as the all dropped down a little. as the x and y did more. it is also not centered anymore. (maybe the cause? ) 

i tried to move to the 1-2-3-4-and 5 point i setup under repetier host. but then the head crashed into the hotbed (not to happy there, since they are steel nozzles). also i (silly me) tried to start the bed height thing. but the print head went all the way outside of the print bed.. diameter en height.. far over shoot. 

anyway. maybe it is one stupid not understood digit input or maybe it is more. 

at this moment i'm to exhausted to think clearly so it's bed time.. maybe to morrow i will see the problem, but i kinda doubt it. 

i'll post the json file and the config file here. maybe those are of some help. 
-> planned to but can't add a file.. please explain to me how and i will post it tomorrow. for now i'll just add the text of the json file at the end. sorry it it will be to much. 
--> planned to.. post became to long. really really time for bed.. 


will be really happy with some help. 
thanks in advance. 

kind greatings Matthieu


  • I do not really understand what you try to describe. How can a x axis drop down? Can you make a simple list of commands send, expected behavior and what really happened?
  • oke i'll try to describe it as simple as possible. 

    i had a clean calibrated marlin system before i swapped to repetier. so measurements are known and should not differ. so i compare to marlin as that is my known. 

    1) homing: 

    Marlin's behaviour / expected: 
    * spider moves up ( all sliders at once)
    * one slider hits end stop first, stop.
    * standard order (z, x, y) of sliders sensing end point (one by one) till end stops are depressed (closed?) 
    * this leaves the spider centered and home position determined. 

    Repetier's behavior. ll at once) 
    * spiders move up (a ll at one) 
    * each spider hits end stop in the order of there height as when homing signal was given. 
    * all 3 are at end point with end point depressed. 
    * all 3 move down (approx 1 cm) 
    * all three move up till end point depressed (all simultaneously) 
    * all three move down (approx 1 cm) 
    * z- axis slider moves up but leaving the endstop not depressed!, x and y sliders move down few mm.  leaving the spider out of centre and non of the endstops depressed (closed) recorderd z position is 190.1 as set in firmware and host. 

    2) when moving down manually: 

    * 0 leaving the nozzle barely not touching the hot plate (1 piece of paper in between with some friction. 

    * 9.00 leaving the nozzle barely not touching the hot plate (1 piece of paper in between with some friction. 
    * keeps moving down even with the hook, touching the hot plate. (so risk for crashing into hot plate when moving at automated speeds) 

    3) Bed height map: 

    Marlin (untested) 

    Repetier: (with hook down) 
    * moves down and out at fair speed. 
    * crashed into hotplate. 
    * tries to keep moving down. 
    * keeps moving outwards, far beyond the border of the hotplate, crashing / moving past the X pillar. 

    the latter (3) i only tried once, crashed with such a violence that i'm afraid to try again before the previous two topics are solved. 

    i hope this gives you a more clear idea about the issue. 
    to me, the main problems are the following when i try to filter out of the above. 

    1) the homing, leaving the end stop not depressed (so 190.1, is lower then when depressed endstops as with marlin, leaving the calibration off) 

    2) the spider not being centered after homing (and again lower because of the extra decend, which i don't understand why this is done.. 

    3) hook not working (set it up as working in the firmware, via the webpage) 

    4) incorrect dimensions of the hotplate? 

    Kind regards Matthieu. 

    And thank you very much for your help!! very much appreciated! 

  • edited November 2016
    additions to the above. 

    i've been trying again to find some solutions tonight.. ant haven't found much. but did find some extra info that sheads some light on issue nr 1:

    *) when selecting a different extruder (two extruders) the result is completely opposite. so i expect this to have to do with centering the two extruders which are of course both off center as given in the config file. (marlin dind't do this..) so it is an unexpected but not necessairely wrong behavior although it does interfere with the given z-length. and so does the following. 

    also i found, while reading through the entire setup page. that there is a given value for: 
    Endstop distance after homing: 10mm (x,y,z)

    together these values explain the to me odd behavior after homing. 

    on the other hand the printer still shows the set 190.1 value even though the position went at least 10 down as set. 

    *) another thing is, that i didn't explain the following on point 2 properly:

    the 0 and 9.00 are the relative heights that the printer shows when the nozzle should be at 0 

    in the mean time i will keep trying to find some solutions myself an also try to get more info to help you help me. 

    Kind regards 


    m105 g-code gives no response, the temp is on the other hand correctly given in host and on the printer itself.
    m115 gives lots of info, and also debug level: 6. am not sure what to think of that. (i did look up debug level's and founf level 6 just being a notification. just not sure what it is notifying. and how to find that information. 
  • 1) is fully correct. Homing does 3 corrections after homing. 1. endstop calibration offsets moved. 2. Going down x millimeter and 3. Select active extruder which makes it go off center if there are 2 and none in the exact center. The move going down must be long enough to not move into endstops. Increase if they do.

    Also register that 2. changes the height compared to marlin so same values will drive you into bed for calibration.

    Calibration goes down so it is z probe bed distance away from bed. For first tests reduce z length so this is onthe upper side of your bed! Also make sure probe is not triggered at that height. Then it probes (make sure that points are reachable with probe offset active) and new z length is computed. z probe height now determines if it matches real length or is off a bit. So test carefully after first calibration and do not go down to 0 directly.
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