Layers shifting at random times

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I've thought long and hard about it and i think it's a firmware problem. I've had the same problem with my Micro M3D printer and a new firmware fixed it, so i'm asking for help for my bq Prusa i3 + Diamond Hotend + Repetier 0.92.9.

At apparently random times, and ranging from <1mm to 1cm+ in amplitude, the Y location shifts midprint. I did not 'catch' it in the act, so i can't tell if it happens between layers or even while printing a given layer... It happened both when printing from SD card or via USB cable. It's not "repeatable" in the sense that it never happens twice in the same place when printing the same model. The Y motion path is completely free and unobstructed. X/Y feedrate is 20-40, 60 travel speed tops. I don't think i should blame it on inertia since the bed rigging is supposed to be under the same amount of inertial stress over identical or similar layers. The Y belt is not skipping nor is too tight.

Please advise! Thanks!



  • If it is always moving away from a endstop, it is most likely crosstalk to endstop. You could set
    to disable testing them during print. If it then vanishes fix the hardware problem by twisting motor and endstop cable and maybe even shield endstop cable.
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