Repetier-Firmware for XYZPrinting Da Vinci Mini w


i´m searching now some days at the www but i can´t find anything. is it possible to use the Repetier-Firmware at the Da Vinci mini w series?
if yes, where can i find the reight version ant a how to do instruktion?

Thanks for your answers
and sorry but my english is not the best ;-)



  • i'm just a newbee, and am not to familiar with the da vinci mini w series. 
    but it seems pretty similar to a lot of other printers, so a rather standard design. 

    i think the best bet is to start with the latest version and start the setup file. 
    if you don't understand a specific thing there... ask then. 

    as i understand the setup of repetier firmware, there is no right version. there is one version and you have to make it right. 

    same problem here. except for that i thought i did and apparently i didn't

    hope this helps some. 

    Kind regards Matthieu
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    If it is like others Davinci printers it is not a standard - it is the wifi version ? what is the chipset on the board ?
  • It has an ATSAM4E8E, like the Jr.

    I picked up the Mini Maker (non wifi, multicolored toy version) for $100 this week and would love to not ever have to buy filament from XYZ, but from what I've read development for the ATSAM4E8E has died.
  • I, too, have a Da Vinci Mini W and I'm just now starting to investigate repetier.  Any pointers for a complete newbie on this would be appreciated.

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