Thermistor E3D v6 displays wrong value

edited November 2016 in Extruder & Bed
Hey, I recently bought an hotend (E3D v6) from china ( but the thermistor is giving me the wrong value. 

I'm using the repetier firmware and the official e3d wiki says i need to set #define EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE to 8. After doing that and setting up the hotend, i can manually set the temperature in the firmware. On room temperature, the display says its 210 degrees celsius. When i try to heat it up, in the first few seconds the hotend heats up (although the temperature changes about 3-4 degrees) and i get an dec/0 error. What did i do wrong?


  • All these 100k thermistors have 100K resistance at 25°C. So first try to measure the resistance with a multimeter to rule out a defect or different thermistor type. Buying from china indicates it is not the original hotend so it may be a different thermistor then E3D uses. Setting the right one should then fix the problem.
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