Repetier doesn't start after unplugging second screen.

Hi, I installed an external LCD for my laptop, and was using repetierHost software on that. (setup as an extension)
then I was trying to start repetierHost without the second LCD it didn't start.
Unfortunately I cannot paste the error, since I've solved removing the repetier windows-config file, inside the .mono directory.

is it a known problem, or a little bug?

Thanks, Davide.


  • We store window position. The problem is, that mono is not very forgiving when you set a invalid position as it seems. Instead of fixing it to a allowed position it then decided to crash. Not really sure if that can be fixed with some trick. Have only 1 monitor systems for testing. Will ask google and see if it has some solution. It would be no problem if you had moved the window to first screen before closing.

    If it happens again, you do not need to delete complete .mono. Check tree and find the window folder. It contains the "window" positions, so deleting only that folder would also have fixed it.
  • Thanks for answering. Yes indeed what i deleted is only the window config file.
    the thing is that i didn't realize which was the problem, so I tried to re-install two times repetier and mono stuff without (obviously) results.
    last time i read the error in the terminal i saw something regarding window position, so i realized the issue.

    Thanks again, I wish it can be a simple thing to correct.
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