Display (4x16) shows strange things

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem:

I wanted to finish my filament tracking system and have as standard JAM_STEPS around the 20000. If I now set Jam_Error_Steps over 32767, the filament tracking system does not work and the display shows rude values.

I got here a tip.

Now I have flashed the new (DEV) firmware and the filament tracking system now works. However, the display still shows some confusing.
Here is a link to the display: Display
This happens only when printing, if no axis is moved, then that is ok.

If I flashed my original firmware without filament tracking system, the display is back in order and working fine while printing.

Many thanks in advance for all tips.



  • What board are you using?

    Normally I would say interference with other cables cause such character mixing. But then it would also happen without FTS.
    If you say without FTS is that same release just disabled or some other release you previously used?
  • Hello,
    Thanks for the feedback. I use RADDS 1.5.
    So far, I've only used version 0.92. 
    At the 1.0 DEV I have the configuration.h without FTS tried here, the same problem. Furthermore I have now found that I immediately after flashing or when I turn on the printer, whether the display works wrong.
    The first column is displayed incorrectly on the first screen after switching on. I took some pictures of it:

    In the menu the 3 always appears instead of the arrow.

    I hope this info will help.

  • So in 1.0 DEV it always happens, right?

    Is this with standard RADDS display?

    In that case I can test it on my delta which has RADDS/RADDS Display without FTS. Or might test it on my test system if you can send the configuration you used.
  • Right. In 1.0 DEV i don´t get it work properly.

    RADDS and display comes from here.
    My configuration.

    On Line 141 change value #define JAM_ERROR_STEPS to 32867 and Display is confused
  • Thanks. Will test in a few days when new server is out. If that line makes it fail it is in deed a software error, also I do not see at the moment why this should influence the display. But I will see when testing.
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    Ok, thanks a lot!

  • Ok, lucky day was today that I had time to test. Unfortunately it did work as expected. What I saw:
    1. Your config was not for current dev version. Needed to add 2 definitions to compile.
    2. Had to manually set 32867 so that also seems not to be the config that fails.

    I tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.10
    Uploaded and checked display to be ok. If I need some actions please let me know, but as I understood the display is corrupted from the start. Please test with latest dev version and send the config that causes the error for testing.
  • Hello,

    sorry for the late feedback, we have a lot to do in the company at the moment.

    Now I have the current DEV installed, no improvement. Then i shorten the display cable as short as possible. No improvement.
    Then I connected a 128 * 64 display, which works. But only as long as no print runs. Here is a reset see: Link

    Can it be that the DUE is defective? But in the 0.92.9 without filament tracking runs ever flawless.
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