fails to operate after kill job

the host fails to carry out manual commands or 're-run' a job...  this only happens if 

a) i kill a job in middle of extruder heating up (3d printer x, y, z is not in motion)
b) the job is killed while printing skirt or brim, but not started printing model

if the job was killed when during printing model,  the manual commands or 're-run' attempts is retained and operational. 

current solution, close the repetier-host  and re open. 

This is evident that repetier ignores or fails to complete kill job during the specified times.



  • forgot to mention,  this is 1.3  (I gave up with 1.3 and reverted to 1.2). 
  • Not sur ewhat you mean with 1.2 and 1.3 since we have no software with that version.

    Killing stops sending new commands fromjob and sends kill commands. It does not prevent send commands from running, so it wont stop until heating up and the next few commands are done. If you need that, use emergency stop when reset works. That also kills a job but stops directly, only kill commands do not get send then.

    b) Does not make sense to me, but will test the next time I print. Of course also here it finishes the send and prestored 20 moves or so, which can take a while if it is a rectangular.

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