More than 16 virtual extruders? Eeprom positions?

#define VIRTUAL_EXTRUDER 16 // don't change this to more then 16 without modifying the eeprom positions

How do I modifiy the eeprom positions to define more than 16 virtual extruders?



  • In eeprom.h you have all the positions at the beginning.
    You can set 

    #define EPR_EXTRUDER_Z_OFFSET            90

    to 96 then you can have 19 virtual extruders. Otherwise you have to increase bytes per extruder and see where you overwrite variables in the then used address space. And don't exceed 2048 byte in total!

  • I'll do that.

    Right know when slicing with more than 16 extruders (slic3r) I manually replace the toolchange command Tx with a new M163 extruder weight definition.

    Thanks for your fast response and the great firmware. =D>
    I love playing with the color mixing feature.

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