Dual you motors on cnc steps per mm problem


Thank you for this great firmware!
I have a cnc system I built with dual y motors and a single Z using ramps 1.4. Using the configuration application I set it up to use the Z outputs as Y.
Everything was working great until I tried changing the steps per mm on the y axis to a different value.
I tried doing it using the eeprom which is enabled and while it works for both x and Z, for some reason when I change the value for Y it only changes the speed but not the distance.

What am I missing?



  • Changing steps per mm always changes the distance, except if you also change microstepping of stepper. Then it might get slower if you exceed the maximum step frequency a RAMPS board can handle. Limit is around 40Khz if you have no extra delays. Would something like this match your problem?
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