2 Independent Z axes: Router and Extruder

Hey guys, I'm trying to build a Cartesian machine with a router on one side of the gantry, while having an extruder on the back side (I'd rather not swap between the 2). I'm using an AZTEEG X3 Pro controller and a structure I've designed based on maker slide and such. Anyways, how would I program the 2 Zs independent of each other? My only real idea is 2 separate configurations so i don't have to change anything about g code export. maybe like a switch in the Host? let me know what your initial thoughts are on this. Thanks in advance!!


  • Do not understand exactly the problem. There are only a few points changing Z. You can even say you have to z motors. So the only signal you need to selectively select then is the step function which would need a flag which z motor to step. Of course both z systems need a homing switch connected to the same switch or you need to modify that part also.
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