Hoo to set a PTC thermistore "PT1000" ?

I use Repetier firmware on Ramps v1.4
can someone help me configure a PT1000.
I know we need to use the table 50, 51 or 52.
But I do not know where the set?
My table is:



  • There is already a PT 100 for E3/Ultimaker available for direct usage. PT 100 needs special electronics to deliver the correct voltages. 

    Not sure what your table should present, but it does not look like a valid table. ADC values go from 0-4095 and temperatures are multiplied with 8 in our tables.

    Manually defined 50 would be user table 1, so add in configuration.h your version of this:

    /** Userdefined thermistor table
    There are many different thermistors, which can be combined with different resistors. This result
    in unpredictable number of tables. As a resolution, the user can define one table here, that can
    be used as type 5 for thermistor type in extruder/heated bed definition. Make sure, the number of entries
    matches the value in NUM_TEMPS_USERTHERMISTOR0. If you span definition over multiple lines, make sure to end
    each line, except the last, with a backslash. The table format is {{adc1,temp1},{adc2,temp2}...} with
    increasing adc values. For more informations, read
    If you have a sprinter temperature table, you have to multiply the first value with 4 and the second with 8.
    This firmware works with increased precision, so the value reads go from 0 to 4095 and the temperature is
    If you have a PTC thermistor instead of a NTC thermistor, keep the adc values increasing and use thermistor types 50-52 instead of 5-7!
    /** Number of entries in the user thermistor table 0. Set to 0 to disable it. */
    {441*4,120*8},{513*4,110*8},{588*4,100*8},{734*4,80*8},{856*4,60*8},{938*4,40*8},{986*4,20*8},{1008*4,0*8},{1018*4,-20*8} }
  • Hi
    thanks very much
    I have configurer the file like this

    #define EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE 50
    #define USER_THERMISTORTABLE0 {{180*4,0},{410*4,600*8}}

    but from the LCD screen or Repetier host, is impossible to start the heating of the extruder.
    The arduino not start the heating of the resistore.
    Only the Bed functionning.
    Why ?

  • and....

    I use 0.91 Repetier firmware version
  • What is the temperature it reads?
    M105 X0 should give you also the raw data value that matches first colum in your table.
  • I use now 0.92 Repetier and all functionning correctly.
    But only one thing not functionning correctly :

    in the LCD screen (4x20) in Position/Fast X position/
    The state of X,Y and Z switch not changed when I push on it.
    The state change only I made a Home.

  • Not sure when I fixed it. In ui.cpp you should have

    void UIDisplay::refreshPage()



    then it should update endstops once per second. Only not sure when I added this. dev version definitvely has it.

  • thanks
    it functionning correctly
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