Stepper motor moving forth and back

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Hello friends,

Have some exprerience with problem of extruder motor ? Performs
so fast backward movement that to throw out filament. I connected motor to
X,Y-axis for trying functionality and working normally. I think that the
problem is not in motor. I  tried to replace stepper driver, arduino and ramp.
And also I'd checked wires and connectors and all those components are good. I
also attach video what my motor of extruder doing. Does anyone have experience
with this problem or knew someone help me with this  ? Thank you in advance for any ideas and



  • The video shows normal working extruder. If retractions are too fast for your extruder, use slower retraction speed or acceleration in slicer config. Assuming you use slicer controlled retraction.
  • Thank you for your help, I'll try to change the value in Slicer. What values do you think are optimally ? Tried Someone printed with disabled retraction ?
  • 30mm/s should normally be no problem. Some extruders can do even 100mm/s.

    No retraction will normally cause lots of ooze.

    And with direct extruder you only need minimal retraction. 1mm often is enough. You just need to remove the pressure.
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