fan control

just built a large delta tested it with marlin everything seams ok --- trying repetier.

how do I achieve this :: in repetier.

#define CONTROLLERFAN_PIN 8 //Pin used for the fan to cool controller, comment out to disable this function
#define CONTROLLERFAN_SEC 60 //How many seconds, after all motors were disabled, the fan should run
//This is for controlling a fan that will keep the extruder cool.
#define EXTRUDERFAN_PIN 6 //Pin used to control the fan, comment out to disable this function
#define EXTRUDERFAN_DEC 80 //Hotend temperature from where the fan will
plastic cooling on Pin 7&nbsp;
I am using a Rumba board.
any help will be appreciated


  • Use our configuration tool. The fan cooling the extruder is set  with "Extruder cooler pin". This enables if temp. is high or if it is hot, so no time is needed.

    Normal fan is defined in features tab with "Print cooling fan pin".
  • thanks works a treat.

    now have extruder fan with led when heats over 50 and also shuts off below 50.

    board-cooler-fan when any stepper movment.

    plastic cooler-fan controlled by repetier ---- great


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